The way forward – Or where do I go from here

November has come and gone. And with it, I met my goal for this blog. I successfully wrote an article daily about a different album. I’m glad I did. There are lots of reasons, but the primary reason is, I set the goal to do so and met it.

While I wrote reactions to different albums, I found it becoming easier to get the words to flow. Mostly. Some days were more difficult than others. Some albums just forced me to struggle a bit to come up with the words. And struggle is a good thing. It is how we improve, how we become stronger.

At the same time, while struggling at times, I found that there were times I didn’t want to write about a particular album. I wanted to write about other aspects of music. Maybe it was an announcement of some sort. Perhaps I had been thinking about other aspects of music (I did write an article about how black metal is quickly becoming the most fascinating sub-genre of metal).

And so, with the 30 albums in 30 days goal being met, I plan to continue writing, just perhaps in a slightly different way. I will still be doing album reactions. However, I will also be writing articles that are more topical in nature. Heck, I will even include some articles about how I listen to music. After all, I have purchased more pairs of headphones over the years in search of the perfect pair than any sane person. The least I can do is see if others can benefit from my stupidity.

So, I hugely appreciate those who have been reading, and hope you will continue to do so, even as the content broadens in scope.

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  1. If you consider requests, one of these days you should write about Amon Amarth, they’re another of my favorites that you introduced me to. Such cool stories. I’m sure my enjoyment of it was accentuated by my love for the vikings series of course!


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