The Wireless (R)evolution – A Headphone Primer

That picture up there doesn’t even begin to cover it. Really, it doesn’t. If you had any idea just how many pairs of wireless headphones I have given away, you’d be disturbed. You would.

Those headphones up there are just the ones that, for some (probably) stupid reason or another, I decided I should hang on to.

That doesn’t include the original AirPods, the Jabra 65t, the Soundcore Liberty Pro, or even probably a host of others that I’m not remembering. And here we are only talking about in ear, truly wireless earbuds. That ignores the ones I have had and used that had a wire connecting them, and completely ignores over the ear, on ear, or wired headphones.

So, the question would then be, why?

Why have I had so many headphones? What purpose does it serve? Well, to be honest, none really.

But I care about sound, the listening experience, the quality of the build, etc. Certainly, I am always on the lookout for the best sounding pair of headphones or earbuds. Sound is key.

But convenience is a huge issue as well. I mean, look at AirPods. They sound like garbage compared to almost every other pair of true wireless earbuds out there. But they are so convenient. They pair instantly, the battery readout on an iPhone is super handy, and they are a very solid connection, again to Apple products. That’s why you see them everywhere.

Then we have features, price, etc. Over the next little while, I’m going to be dropping my “reviews” of the many different headphones I have tried, looking at those four main aspects: Sound, convenience, features, and price.

I mean, someone really ought to benefit from my stupidity when it comes to buying headphones. Really.

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