“Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Malia J

New music Monday is upon us. I had been wondering what I wanted to write about for the past few days. Simply because, well, I haven’t found much music in the last week or two that really interested me.

That was, until Friday night.

Went to Black Widow with some friends and family. I thought it was a great movie that really should have been filmed and released a few years earlier (curse you Ike Perlmutter!). It is also dark, especially for a Marvel movie. There are some really sinister undertones throughout the movie, and these are set up from the very beginning, particularly with the opening credits.

We see scenes of young girls being taken and forced into the Widow program by the main antagonist of the film. And if that wasn’t heavy enough, all this is happening to the song “Smells Like Teen Spirit” as performed by Malia J. I had not idea who she was, and still know far less than I would like. It is enough to say that this rendition of this classic song (yes, it is a classic that is around 30 years old now, and I’ll fight anyone who disagrees) is truly haunting.

Minimal in many ways, with some breathy vocals, it still crescendos to some really powerful levels. The song just screams loss to me, and it so fittingly matches what we were seeing on the screen.

I hunted it down on Apple Music and was delighted to find some other covers Malia J has done. All have the same sort of formula, minimalist intro that builds to a powerful crescendo and then fades out with a soft denouement. And all are just fantastic. But “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is the best of the bunch. This song is so entrenched in my youth, I can literally see, hear, and feel where I was the first time I heard it. And hearing like this makes it a completely new song. Check this track out, it is just fantastic.

Malia J- Smells Like Teen Spirit (Black Widow Opening Credits)

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