Wacky Wednesday – “Call to the Warrior” by Affiance

Wacky Wednesday is a day to write about something that is just different. Could be truly wacky, weird or wild. Might be a little freaky. Could be funny, silly or really just unusual in some way. This might be an opportunity for me to explore some of the lighter aspects of my music.

When thinking about what I could write about on this inaugural Wacky Wednesday, one of the first things that came to mind was the song “Call to the Warrior” by Affiance. Sadly, this band has mostly disbanded, though we did get a surprise single from them in 2020. It’s a real shame too, as they really were an excellent, straightforward metal band. Melodic, exciting, with tons of energy, they are missed. 

“Call to the Warrior” was the first song I really remember hearing from Affiance. And it was really the video that caught my attention. The song is a real banger, very motivating, and a great “pump you up” type of song. 

But the video, it is hilarious and wacky and I love it. Just watch it. But, in short, it is the band performing their own song in Guitar Hero/Rock Band, and initially failing. There is great comedy for a great song. But the video definitely is wacky. 

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