My Week in Music – January 29, 2022

Two things this week.

Lifting and emotionally heavy and dark music. The lifting is the LoG, the Crescent, the Misery Index. Went to my workout playlist for the working out. Other than that, I listened to a surprisingly small amount of music this week considering I had time off and could have really listened to more music.

But when I did, it tended to lean toward the more dark and emotional music. Woods of Ypres (“Finality” is such a gut wrenching song), Dawn of Solace (new album, same excellent dark, somewhat depressive, but melodic music), and some Cynthesis. I did spend a bit of time last night getting into the new Mechina album.

But I still find myself not really listening to music as much as I would honestly like to. Perhaps that will be different this week, going back to work, but finally not having a resident or a medical student with me. Means I can actually listen to music between seeing patients, rather than having to try and teach.

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